Working with a Senior Interior Design Student Trent Webb, my classmate, Hitomi Kobayashi and I brought his thesis brand to life. His thesis was a children’s museum that educated kids and families on nutrition and how to make healthy choices when it comes to your personal health habits. 

We were requested to create a logo with supporting characters, various way-finding devices, merch for the gift shop, and other printed collateral.

Check out our online Sprouts shop as well and see where this project has gone post-graduation!

Original Logo

The process began with presenting three main conceptual directions: scientific/nutritional, historical, and character-driven to the client and then narrowing it down from there. 

Narrowing It Down

The character driven concept was clearly the winner, having a clean and modern feeling but still having the bright and energetic characters that would be appealing to children. Our first step would be cleaning up the type and characters by making them look more modern and brightening those colors to appear happy and energetic. This led us to the final logo you see today, with characters that pop and interact with type and other elements. 

The client also mentioned that he wanted the logo to be flexible, able to be customized in different scenarios such as having different characters on the main sign or having a different branch of the brand. So we made sure was possible with what we created and created some examples of that. 

After getting down the looks of the main characters, we scaled that character style out to all the different food groups with proteins, dairy, grains, fruits, and vegetables so that all the important food groups could interact with the people and space of the nutrition museum. 

Environmental Elements

For environmental graphics, we wanted to give a variety of examples to how these characters, text, and line-work could guide visitors around the museum 

Gift Shop Merch & Collateral

Lastly we expanded the brand to printed apparel, pamphlets, and any other requests from the client. This is both stuff that would be sold in a gift shop and assets utilized by the company for utility and promotional material. 

Project Update!

Hitomi and I have opened a new shop to continue our adventure with the Sprouts brand. 

Check out our shop here!

Check out more of Hitomi's work here!

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