In Fall of 2022, I had my first experience with printmaking with my introduction to screenprint. I instantly fell in love with the process and jumped head first into the course. 

Over the semester, I created each piece to focus on a difference period of growth in my life and the sometimes universal nature that adolescent moments can capture. I started with a self portrait which explore depersonalization and a disconnect from the self. I then went back in time to explore the concept of childhood dreams and how anything feels possible as a child. And lastly I covered my present, living as a young woman who goes to college and the inherent fears and expectations that come with the female experience. 

Relief Printmaking

After my introduction to screenprint I wanted to explore more so I decided to take a look into relief printmaking. Carving into wood and making these permanent marks was a big shock after the forgiving world of screenprint but I began to love this process too. 

For the semester I focused on residential and urban development and how they effect our present and futures, primarily their impact on the earth and physical space. 

Using Format