The Winthrop Anthology is a yearly collection of student prose, poetry, photography, art, and other creative endeavors. I began by showing three moodboards and initial concepts to Sam Hyatt, the EIC. We agreed that there were a lot of new elements we wanted to add to this year’s publication. 

We wanted to include music, performance, film, and other audio/video work into the Anthology. So for the first time, we used QR codes to bring that idea to life. Additionally, we wanted to bring more interaction and engagement like never before. We did so by incorporating copywriting that encouraged annotations and getting personal with the book, a crossword puzzle that asked questions regarding the work within the book, and bookmarks with links to a Spotify playlist that fit the vibe of the book. 

Additionally, I made some social graphics and branding to help the digital aspect of the brand fit the current look of the Anthology. 

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